A new flag for San Francisco

Our city deserves a flag that we can all be proud of and that symbolizes its distinctive history and spirit of resilience.

The History of San Francisco's Flag

Read John Lumea's enlightening and thoroughly researched story, The Original San Francisco Flag Was Better and Cooler. It's a deep dive into the design evolution of the San Francisco flag from its adoption in 1900 to today's flag.

A compelling new design bringing back the old with some new

I designed the new flag with the phoenix and flames based on the original 1900-1930 flag, while updating it by removing text, a torse and adding new colors representing the city's fog, Gold Rush beginnings and proud Golden Gate international orange, all while removing text from the previous versions.

Look back at earlier campaigns to change the flag.

Roman Mars helped us all relook at our City flags. Others before the Fog & Gold Flag have tried to give us a new flag. 

The flag San Francisco needs is flying, with a phoenix for our post-coronavirus rebirth

Peter Hartlaub, San Francisco Chronicle

Seeing the redesign waving in the wind brings a tear to my eye. It’s so beautiful! I need one!

Passionate San Franciscan

Proud to fly it.

First flag buyer

It looks lovely in action.

Remus Aries

I was originally planning to hang ours out the window, but now that I see how majestic it looks on a pole, I realize I need to get one

Bernal Heights resident

Your flag called to me. I have never flown a flag at my house but I want to fly your flag. While you designed it for San Francisco, it feels universal and represents my deepest wishes- that we, our nation, can rise from all the injustice and create a better world.

Betsy Merck