Flags make great unique gifts

Flags make great unique gifts

It's the gift giving holiday season. What better time to give a unique and meaningful gift like the San Francisco Fog & Gold Flag. For folks who want a reminder or memory of San Francisco, or live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to show their city pride, the San Francisco Fog and Gold Flag is a great choice.

We have flags in all sizes: large, medium, small and mini flags on a stick. You can also order stickers and buttons. 

Mini flags are great for your desk, waving while outside, a garden or even on a bike.

Small flags work great for bikes, boats, or that smaller flag you'd like to put on the wall.

Medium and large flags work best on walls, windows or their favorite spot - on flag poles.

Either way a flag wants to be seen, whether outside in the breeze or indoors making a statement.

San Francisco Fog & Gold Flag at Crane Cove Park

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