I have a flag, how do I fly it?

I have a flag, how do I fly it?

I asked my self this question when I first ordered the first Fog & Gold Flag. 

Before getting into specifics - the goal of a flag, and the flags reason for being is being on display. It wants to be seen, whether outdoors, indoors, waving as you run or rider your bike - must be seen.

Wall Mounted Flagpole

If you're more classing you'll fly it on a pole. Most folks will want to put it on a pole that connects to your wall. In this case you'll need to basing things:

  1. A flagpole
  2. A pole bracket

The flagpole. If you're flying the popular 3x5 flags, a 1" thick, 6' long (or 8' long) pole will do. I recommend getting the spinning flagpoles, as they reduce the chances of a tangled flag. I got one made of fiberglass and it works brilliantly.

Tangle-Free Spinning Flagpoles in White, Silver or Woodgrain from ...

The pole bracket can be a classic bracket for one position (e.g 45º or 90º). This is good if you're pretty sure you only want to display the flag at one angle at all times. However, you might want to mix it up with a 2-position pole bracket. I got one that has both 45º and 90º. Others can have 30º or even 80º. With a 2-position you get versatility, but also reliability. I like the Evergreen one with its 4 screws (instead of the more classic 3 screws) 

A highly adjustable multi-angled flagpole bracket exists, but seems more likely to breaking, especially in locations with higher winds. Having so many positions makes it more vulnerable.

That's it. Then you just screw the bracket into your wall, screw the two pieces of the flag pole together, connect the flag to the pole and you're good to go.

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