Large, small and mini flags arriving this week!

Large, small and mini flags arriving this week!

Thanks to all for your patience in receiving the flags you have purchased. I made the order for these flags on May 4, 2020. They're arriving this week, so I'll begin sending them out to folks, and arranging pickups.

I realize this is a bit of time since some folks ordered their 3x5 flags as early as April 29. Unfortunately some delivery issues beyond my control delayed the delivery a few days. I should have the 3x5, 12x18, and mini flags all in hand early this week.  That means most of you should be receiving your flags in the next 4-8 days. 

Thanks again for your support, patience, and belief in a new San Francisco flag; the Fog & Gold Flag.


P.S. Stickers have arrived too! More on that soon.

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