SF Fog and Gold Flag Donates $1,750 to local charities

We at SF Fog & Gold Flag are committed to helping and engaging our community. As we said straight out, $10 of every large flag purchased goes to charities. Accordingly we have donated $875 to SF New Deal and $875 to SF-Marin Food Bank. 
After only existing for one week as a website, we sold an astounding 175 flags to you in the San Francisco community. 
We are proud that the flag is not only a symbol of civic pride, unity and solidarity but also for resilience and that we help the most in need in our community.
Both SF-Marin Food Bank and SF New Deal are meeting the challenge of addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic repercussions of the coronavirus and the shelter-in-place order. 
SF New Deal provides COVID-19 relief by partnering w local small businesses and community organizations to provide income for workers and services for at-risk populations.
Meanwhile, the SF-Marin Food Bank is making sure vulnerable neighbors get the food they need. Now, they are putting solutions in place, one by one, to be able to continue providing food and helping our community prepare for whatever challenge the COVID-19 presents.
Thanks to everyone who made a purchase of the Fog & Gold Flag. Your purchases have made a difference for our local community.

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