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SF Fog & Gold Flag

Medium - 2 ft x 3 ft SF Fog & Gold Flag

Medium - 2 ft x 3 ft SF Fog & Gold Flag

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The "Medium" size option that works great on a flag pole OR inside or on a bike, or... pretty much anywhere. 

The San Francisco Fog & Gold Flag depicts San Francisco's phoenix and flames, inspired by the original 1900 design, of which only a newer 1920s copy exists.

The flags symbolism and colors have the following meaning:

Phoenix: City rising from the ashes of its historic fires (1850s, 1906), earthquakes (1865, 1906) and other calamities, signifying a city reborn and resilient.

Gray: foggy weather, and for "iron" in the City motto

Gold: Gold Rush beginnings, prosperous times and creativity, and for "gold" in the City motto

International Orange flames: the Golden Gate Bridge and the fires that have burned in our history

Crimson bird: the city's independent passion and for the lives lost over our history through calamities, struggles and fights.

As mentioned before, the gold and gray echo the city's motto, "Oro en Paz, Fierro en Guerra" - "Gold in Peace, Iron in War"

While not the official flag (yet), this flag can be a proud symbol of the city, and a possible new official flag to improve on the current flag that is in need of replacement.

Fly or display this high quality custom made flag from a flagpole, in your window, or wave as you walk the streets of San Francisco.

• Flags made in the U.S.A. with 200 denier nylon

• High resolution digital printing

• Each flag is finished with a canvas heading, which is a folded strip of fabric sewn onto the side of the flag and used to securely hold the flag to the rope line attached to the flagpole

• Two grommets or eyelets are secured to the canvas heading of the flag to allow clipping the flag to the pole or rope

• Fly hems are finished with four rows of lock stitched construction

• Each fly corner is reinforced with a back tacking stitch


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